World Vision US Brand Website

[slideshow] [/slideshow] World Vision U.S. was handed down new Brand Guidelines by World Vision International. We were tasked with taking the printed document and breaking it down and making it digestible for the web. The website is divided into 4 sections; 1. Learn the Brand, 2. Use the Brand, 3. Promotions & Toolkits, 4. References. …
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Sandy Allnock

[slideshow] [/slideshow] Do you like papercrafting? Well, Sandy loves it. is a site devoted to papercrafting. I got to work with Sandy, and Matt Spangler on the design and development of the site. The biggest challenge was the logistics of moving over her old site which was close to 4GB, over 6,000 subscribers, with …
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Healthy Moms and Babies

[slideshow] [/slideshow] The goal of the landing page is to inform people about “Every Mother and Child Act” and get them to contact their congress member. There are also resources for users to share and teach others about the importance of HTSP (Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies). My role was to design and build …
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Art Classes

[slideshow] [/slideshow] Art Classes from using Copic markers to watercolors and cardmaking. The biggest challenge for this project was integration a large populated list into courses. My role was to design and build the website. It’s built with


[one_half] Our Creative Department at World Vision produces over 900 projects a year. World Vision US has over 1000 employees nationwide. [/one_half] [one_half_last] With such a large organization, we needed a way to showcase our clients the different projects we were doing. [/one_half_last]