World Maps Online is an online retailer and fabricator specializing in high-quality world globes, printed maps, and large format map murals for schools, homes, and businesses. They offer thousands of map titles, many from their own publishing division Academia Maps, which has become a leading supplier to the education sector in the United States. They carry one of the largest selections of globes in the world. Their cartographic and design services give customers the opportunity to fully customize many of their products. Their long list of customers includes school districts, interior designers, non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies, and map lovers of all ages.


Concept A
Monogram tri-fold map idea showing that we are a map company. The logo is clean and modern. The logo is playful and shows the traditional way that people use to interact with maps, having to unfold them.

Concept B
Accordion fold map. The map is laid out in a one point perspective giving urging the viewer to move forward and explore.

Concept C
Compass Rose negative space. The compass rose is a symbol for guidance and pointing you in the right direction. We play with the point leading the reader to the type stack.

Concept D
Compass Rose abstract. The outline is a compass rose. Over the outline we have WMO designed in a modern icon style. The letters “W” and “M” flow together so well I wanted to put them next to each other and create a dashed treasure map sort of look.

Concept E
Traditional compass rose. The compass rose is strong and solid. We wanted to show that WMO is a company has a solid foundation. This concept is straightforward and clean.

Concept F
Coordinates. The logo has the coordinates of 1WGM and uses a playful banner style found in cartouche designs on maps. Behind the banner is a compass rose. This logo sparks curiosity for the user.